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Dental Implant FAQs

How much do dental implants cost?
The cost of any kind of dental treatment can only be determined by your dental surgeon, and will depend on many factors such as:
– the kind of treatment you need
– how long it takes
– the number of dental implants to be inserted
– the type of restoration chosen
– the dental laboratory work required to complete the case
Additional costs may also arise if the bone has be built up to support the implant.

Single dental implants start from $4,000.00 to $ 4,500.00

SINGLE IMPLANT                                      $4,000.00 TO $4,500.00

TWO IMPLANTS                                         $8,000.00 TO $8,500.00

FULL IMPLANTS ON LOWER                 $20,000.00 TO $25,000.00

FULL IMPLANTS ON UPPER                   $20,000.00 TO $25,000.00

The full cost of the treatment is explained to you during your initial consultation, and will be confirmed with a quotation and a written treatment plan. Initial consultation is $40.00 ( not including x rays).

Does your Private Health Fund cover dental implants?
If your private health fund has dental coverage for major dental treatment, then dental implants should qualify.

Will I able to eat whatever I want afterwards?
Once the treatment is complete, patients should be able to eat a normal healthy diet with little or no difficulty. In some instances a soft food diet is recommended over a short period of time. (up to 6 weeks)

How long will it take to finalise the treatment?
Usually implant treatments require a number of appointments over a period of 2 to 3 months. In some cases implant work can be undertaken and completed in a much shorter period. There are also cases where immediate implants can be placed.The dentist can explain all of this prior to your treatment.

How long will the implants lasts?
Dental implants are a highly successful long term solution. Once the implants are in, a routine of careful dental hygiene and regular check-ups should ensure that the implants last as long as your natural teeth.

Am I too old for implant treatment?
There is no age limit for patients to undergo implant treatment provided they continue to enjoy reasonable good health.

Is the treatment painful?
Although some pain and discomfort is experienced by patients, most of them are often surprised at how little discomfort they experience during and after implant treatment.

Are there any special future maintenance issues that I need to consider for my dental implants?
Long term maintenance for dental implants is similar to continuing care for natural teeth in that the implants need to be brushed and flossed, and professionally cleaned on a schedule that matches the maintenance of your natural teeth.
If not, implants can develop ‘implantitis’ just as teeth can develop periodontitis (bone and gum recession) if they are not cleaned and maintained correctly. A condition known as chronic implantitis can cause soft tissue and bone loss, compromising the implant(s) long term. In some cases this can lead to the loss of your implants.

What is the ‘All on 4’ Technique?

The All on 4 technique is the new median between the traditional dental implants and dentures.

It utilises four different implants to attach your new set of permanent replacement teeth.The implants used in this procedure are specially designed for immediate function and typically do not require bone grafting.

As opposed to dentures, all on 4 dental implants are a permanent set of teeth that look and feel natural. Furthermore, unlike traditional implants, which utilise anywhere between 5 to 8 implants in one arch, the all on 4 technique only utilises the 4 previously mentioned implants.

In addition, the all on 4 implants do not require bone grafting and save you from usually unnecessary surgery and discomfort, as well as time and money.